Week 4

Week 4 Meeting (Wednesday) : Prof. Cheok has gave us an overall introduction of on-going projects and their future improvements in MXR lab.

1. Readings of intergeneration communication.
2. Extra readings of Confucius, Wu-hsing, Yin Yang, Chiese Music Theoy
3. Find relationship between painting objects and 5 elements and the features of the elements.
4. Continues studying code of Music-painting and the possible improvements

Features of the 5 elements (wu-hsing):






Relationship between painting objects and 5 elements:

Five elements represent not only substances themselves, but also generalizations of five different properties.
For example, in Chinese, horse represents zest and rapture. Therefore it can be used to represent fire element.
According to wu-hsing, west and autumn, which correspond to metal element, can be represent by white tiger.
Earth has meaning of planting grains and harvest. Anything (e.g. wheat) which embodies this meaning can be used to represent earth.

SUMMARY of Five elements and it's correspondents, please refer to attached file "Wu-hsing summary".

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