Week 2

Week2 Meeting (Thursday): Engtat has gave us an introduction of the project. The idea is to use interactive media to increase intergenerational communication. There are two on-going projects, Age Invaders and Confucius computer; and I more focus on latter one.

Week 2 Tasks: Readings of Confucian and intergeneration

Reading and Discussion 1:

Musical Art in Early Confucian Philosophy
Siu-Chi Huang, Philosophy East and West, Vol. 13, No. 1. (Apr., 1963), pp. 49-60.

Quotation from article:
Little is known about the music of the times of Confucius, but it is evident that it was both instrumental and vocal, and dancing was often associated with it. Ancient Chinese music was a "mixed art" and not a "pure art," since it was intended to be sung and as an accompaniment for poetry……when music is composed for poetry the hearer is provided with both knowledge and musical sound.

The inspiration from this paragraph is to mix poetry or Confucian analects (e.g. Lun yu 论语) with music-painting in our project since ancient Chinese music was a “mixed art”. So that people may learn Confucian philosophy vividly.

Reading and Discussion 2:

Three Character Classic
Translated by Professor S T Phen, EPB Publisher, 1989.

The Three Character Classic embodies the basic principles of the Confucian canon, the foundation of Chinese society. It was used for hundreds of years as a children’s primer. The text is written in literary style with rhymes (three characters each); the language is classical, in a clear, concise and easy-to-remember fashion. Therefore, as my opinion, Three Character Classic can be blended into music part of our project. One reason is to deliver the “mixed art” in ancient Chinese music; and it also consider as a beginning work for non-Chinese of Confucian philosophy.

Examples of the Three Character Classic:

Ren zhi chu xing ben shan
人之初 性本善

Meaning: When a man begins his life, his character is basically good.

Xing xiang jin xi xiang yuan
性相近 习相远
Meaning: Men’s innate characters differ little, but habits make them drift apart.

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